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My Blog
Thursday, 22 May 2008
Pleasant Greetings to you and yours
Mood:  chillin'


My name is Marie I am mother to 5 and a grand mother to 3 beautiful multi-racial children. I am from Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. The most important thing that I have accomplished is to have my children become strong and big hearted individuals. I have helped them to make their own choices as in what to believe and what not too. This would still remain the biggest even if I had won the lottery.

When my kids were growing, I was their playmate, especially for my youngest which is a male. He still has a few more years to become an adult and we wrestle and keep each other on our toes, so to speak.

The second most important thing would be the person that I am. I am strong, honest, respectful, helpful, and caring toward others. I am a self perfectionist. I believe that I could solve most of our problems in America if given that chance. I am a defender and a person that can build strength in the weak and show them that they are beautiful strong individuals.

I like most types of music that has a dancing beat to it with bass. I know that people do not have to drink or get drunk in order to have a good night out dancing. I like making crafts that are made from something that I don’t have to spend money on or very little $$$. I like working with power tools and my glue gun. I like gardening and cooking.

I like professional and college football and car/truck shows. I love nature but I would not want to live to far from the town/city. I have shades of green, browns, and yellow all through my home. I have a mixed taste for my home. A bit of rustic, eclectic, modern, country, folk, and Victorian. I like a pleasant view with some brightness and cheery that won’t make you feel gloomy but not overly done.

I am a firm believer of family bonds. I have a very close relationship with my two daughters now that they are grown and a mother their selves. We speak as women, friends, and family members should.

I entered into the workforce during my late 20’s because I started a family first. I was lucky that there are still some people in our would who believe in hands-on training makes a better outcome. I was taught how to prepare sauté’ Italian dinners by a beautiful older Italian woman, She was pleased of that I am a quick learner and that I cared about presentation. Most of the plates I pushed out of that small kitchen I did not like such as all shell fish.

I have been in fast food management and a professional cook for just under 20 years now. I have also worked in different factories and retail positions as well. My most favorite position held was an assistant executive chef for a Holiday Inn in N.J.

The most important thing that I have learned is that I really am not much different than most people that I have spoken with in the positions I have held. I want good service and not to have someone trying to over-sell me. I want only what I need and an understanding.

I even tried to sell vacuum cleaners that cost $1,000. I could not sell these because I did not think that you have to spend that amount to clean your carpets. I am not a person that will try to talk someone into something. I just tell them about it and of my experience. If I won’t use something in my own home, then how would I tell others that its good?. Smile

Posted by mariescent at 1:55 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 22 May 2008 2:00 AM EDT
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